ManX Spirit is currently available in two formats:


       - ManX Red, distilled from Blended Whisky, aged at least 5 years.


       - ManX Blue, ManX Blue is distilled from pure malt whisky aged at least 5 years that has undergone our unique intensification

         process – much as a chef reduces a sauce we remove some of the neutral alcohol during the distillation process (the finished

         drink is still 40% ABV) thereby giving an intense flavour to the drink.


       Here’s what some of our customers think of it...


       “Great spirit. I am looking forward towards another visit to the Isle of Man and enjoying the "spirit" of the island.” 

       Joe McLaughlin


       "'MANX' will be my choice in the future. “ 

       Allan Hooper


       “I took 2 bottles of ManX to our Burns' Night and handed them round. One came back empty - the other didn't come back at all!!

       Chris Price